Technology Tools

Below are some of the tools I use in teaching.

MuseScore is a fantastic free program that can work on PC, Mac, or Linux.  My students are using this now as a wonderful alternative to other software that is too expensive for site license or individual computers in a school setting.  There are plugins that also enable solfa syllables within noteheads or letter names above noteheads.

Music Animation Machine is a fascinating creation that helps students see music through graphic notation.  Using the free PC software, MAME Player,  you can import a MIDI file and see it play graphically choosing any number of styles. Directions included on the site. 

Read Rhythm and Sight Sing are two musicianship apps I am using with my choirs that I highly recommend.  I connect an iPad to my projector and do 5 minutes of each as part of the warm-up.  They are transforming my singers into readers.

SmartScore64 scans any musical score so you can transpose, create worksheets, etc. from musical scores.  

Finale is a notation program with some essential tools for educators.  It also allows you to import a Smartscore file. 

Snagit is an easy to use screen capture program.  In conjunction with Soundflower, you can record scrolling Finale files so that the sound is taken from within Finale, eliminating ambient sound in the room. 

SoundSiphon2 is an easy to use program that allows you to change your settings so that internal sound is recorded, removing ambient sounds.  Very helpful for Finale files. 

LoopBack is another audio routing application similar to SoundSiphon2, but it appears to be more expensive.  I have not used this application but you may wish to check it out.

Soundflower was a free plugin that allowed you to change your sound settings easily so that Snagit could pick up the sound from within a program (like Finale) rather than external sound from the room or your speakers.  This new link gets you to that program which isn’t being supported but is still available.  I used it for many years since it was free. Now, I’m using SoundSiphon2. Some of the workarounds for using it are over my head!

Digital Music Learning Today: Digital Pegagogy for Creating, Performing, and Responding to Music by William I. Bauer contains many chapters with links for how to integrate technology into music education. 

Sandvox is the software I use for this website and it is easy to use and intuitive. 

A2 Hosting works great with Sandvox and their customer service is the best. 

Demo of how to scan, import into Finale, edit, make screencast, and upload. I no longer use Soundflower or Moodle, but SoundSiphon 2 and uploading to Canvas, our Blake LMS, works in a similar way. 

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